CableLAN Nuclear

CableLAN Nuclear was formed in 2015 as a sister company to CableLAN Products. But while we’re new, our roots extend back to the 1970’s!

With a strong engineering and manufacturing background in electrical and fiber optic cables for nuclear plants, as a part of BIW Cable Systems, we first produced fiber cables for the nuclear industry in 1979. In 1984, recognizing the outstanding potential for fiber optic communications, Jan Pirrong started Chromatic Technologies, which quickly grew to be a top 3 producer of fiber optic cables in the USA. Through a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions, the original business became Prysmian Cable.

In March 1994, Mr. Pirrong started CableLAN Products in Norfolk, Massachusetts, with a mission to provide outstanding service and value to data and telephone contractors in the Boston area.  These precepts have allowed us to be the largest regional distributor of datacom products in New England.

We maintain our leading presence in the nuclear market, as fiber became a factor in nuclear power plant control and communications. In 2000, we were chosen to supply the world’s first safety related fiber optic cable, for a new plant in Taiwan.

Recognizing the industry’s unique requirements and its importance to our business, in 2015 CableLAN Nuclear was started to serve this industry. We are the exclusive distributor of Prysmian’s fiber optic cable to the nuclear industry, and work with other manufacturers for electrical communication cables and other products for this industry.

In 2016, CableLAN Nuclear implemented a quality assurance program the meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B and ASME NQA-1. Using this program and our experience, we are ideally positioned to meet your fiber optic and electrical communication needs, for both safety related and non-safety related applications.

Our nuclear power plant presence includes continuing work on IEEE committees and working groups that are producing the technical standards for electrical and fiber optic cables for nuclear power plants. With a 40 year background in nuclear power plants, first as an engineer in a public utility, as a manufacturer of fiber and electrical cables for nuclear plants, as an active participant in worldwide nuclear standards and now as a distributor to the industry, CableLAN Nuclear is uniquely positioned in the industry.