CableLAN Nuclear is your Fiber Optic Cable Expert!

CableLAN Nuclear and its predecessors have provided fiber optic cables to nuclear power plants since 1979. With decades not only in selling fiber optic cables, but also in designing and manufacturing them, one call to us can answer all your questions – easily and quickly!

CableLAN supplies fiber optic cables to essentially all nuclear power plants in the United States, and to many other plants around the world. Our cables are installed in China, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and other locations.

We supply all styles of fiber optic cable, including breakout, loose tube and distribution cables. All our cables can include all fiber types – singlemode, OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4. One cable can contain multiple fiber types, making it easy to wire once and provide for future upgrades and expansion.

CableLAN is Prysmian/Draka’s exclusive distributor of fiber optic cables for nuclear power plants. Incorporating nuclear power plant experience with a quality assurance program that meets the stringent requirements of the nuclear power industry, we offer the only cables that have been qualified for safety related systems in commercial nuclear power plants.

Prysmian/Draka has the industry’s broadest product lines. It manufactures optical fiber and loose tube, tight buffer, ribbon and air-blown cables, for both indoor and outdoor installations, all in their plants. It is the world largest manufacturer of multimode optical fiber, and is among the largest 3 fiber optic cable manufacturers in the world.

Prysmian and CableLAN are approved suppliers to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, for the AP-1000 and other PWR plants deployed around the world. We also supply fiber cables to many other nuclear plants, including all PWR and BWR types of units.

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