General Cable Nuclear Cables

CableLAN Nuclear is your gateway to General Cable’s ULTROL® 60+ Cable Solutions for Generation III+ and Legacy Nuclear Power Facilities

Advanced Reliability, Safety and Sustainability

With a 40-year track record of providing optimized nuclear cables with proven reliability, performance and safety, we continue to meet the needs of your facilities both today and into the future. As a strong proponent of energy independence, alternative energy and sustainability, you can count on our technology-driven nuclear cable designs to provide an infrastructure for long-standing nuclear power operation under current design conditions.

Innovation for Next Generation Nuclear Power

Backed by a commitment to understand and solve your nuclear application challenges, we help you meet the most rigorous requirements for modifications, upgrades and new construction of nuclear facilities. Based on a combination of the original ULTROL® technology and unsurpassed compounding capabilities, ULTROL® 60+ Class 1E safety-related, and non-Class 1E safety-significant and non-safety related medium- and low-voltage cables, meet the needs of nuclear power facilities for 60 years and beyond.

For All Your Nuclear Application Needs

ULTROL® 60+ cables deliver reliable low- and medium-voltage power for efficient power production, distribution, control and communications in nuclear facilities. For optimized operation in all known reactor environments from inside and outside containment, to the turbine island and balance of plant, ULTROL 60+ cables meet flame testing and long-term thermal endurance to exceed 60-year service life for GEN III+ and legacy reactor profiles.

Quality Assurance and Dedication Guaranteed

Founded on a legacy of over five decades of dedicated manufacturing excellence at our Connecticut facility, our nuclear quality assurance program is compliant with 10CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI N45.2, ASME NQA-1 (1994 and 2008/9), ISO 9001 and CSA Z299.1. Extensive third-party qualification testing ensures that every ULTROL 60+ cable conforms to industry standards, as well as your specific needs. Our committed R&D, manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance and sales teams are your valuable resource to satisfy and support your complex nuclear business.

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