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We all know how crazy and strange 2020 has been. COVID19 has certainly affected everyone both personally and professionally. Lockdowns, working from home, limited personal contact and other disruptions have all been dealt with and we continue to move forward. The recent good news on vaccines is the first step in getting back to business as usual. The unanswered question is “What is usual?”
Our first story in this issue discusses the importance of jacketing for long term cable performance.
I came across an interesting article on the future needs for nuclear power and invite you to read it below.
General Cable’s medium voltage power cables use EPR insulation and it’s Ultrol 60+ XLPO jacket. This construction provides outstanding performance not only during regular operation but also during a postulated design basis event.
Finally, next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA. Our offices are closed on Thursday, Nov 26 and Friday, Nov 27, 2020. Wherever you may be reading this, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
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Jacket Performance in Nuclear Power Plants

Jackets are essential to long term cable performance. As plant life has grown from 40 years to 60 years and now to 80 years, not only is cable insulation stressed by temperature and radiation, but jackets are also stressed. In many cables, traditional jacket materials may become over-stressed after long term service, resulting in jacket cracking and flaking off during a post-DBE environment. This problem has been recognized by users and regulators. General Cable has developed a jacket material that solves these problem.s
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The Future of Nuclear Power

If you’ve been following the “popular” press, there seems to be a sea change in the public’s opinion of nuclear power. More people recognize that a “carbon free” world is not possible without using nuclear.
I came across this article in the Yale Climate Connection that puts some perspective into the debate.
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Medium Voltage Power Cables

CableLAN Nuclear provides General Cables’ Ultrol 60+ medium voltage power cables for both safety related and non-safety related cables to nuclear power plants. With EPR insulation and our proprietary XLPO outer jacket, the cables are available in 5, 8 and15 kV designs. Qualification includes thermal and radiation of more than 350 MR and 90C for 60 years, 1 year post-LOCA submergence, flame testing and more.
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Thanksgiving Hours

We wish all our customers a Happy Thanksgiving!
We all have plenty of things to be thankful for, and this is a good time to reflect on them.
To enable our employees to enjoy the holiday, we will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27. We will reopen on Monday, November 30, 2020
Thanks for reading our newsletter. It’s an exciting time for nuclear power, with activity in the US and around the world. CableLAN Nuclear is the leading supplier of fiber optic and electrical cables to nuclear plants around the world, and are continuing to expand our product offering.