In this issue – NQA-1 QA , Temperature Excursions and Fibers

CableLAN Nuclear welcomes you to our fall 2016 newsletter. This edition includes information on fiber performance during temperature excursions, the announcement of our new NQA-1 quality assurance program, a discussion of thermoset versus thermoplastic materials and links to some articles we hope you find interesting and useful.
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CableLAN’s adds QA program

New Program Benefits Customers 

CableLAN Nuclear has introduced our new NQA-1 and 10CFR50, Appendix B Quality Assurance program. We believe we are the only distributor with this program, and it allows us to increase availability of cables to the nuclear market. The program expands our sourcing solutions and increases the range of cables and associated products we supply.

Temperature Effects on Optical Fiber and Cable

Optical fiber and cables are usually rated for operation at temperatures of up to 80C. In a nuclear plant, temperature transients can be much higher, Transient changes in attenuation during rapid heating and cooling remained below 1.2 dB/km in all cases. Singlemode fibers showed less thermal excursion sensitivity than multimode fibers, and bend insensitive fibers showed almost no change in attenuation during thermal excursions.  

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Thermoset vs. Thermoplastic Cables

CableLAN has introduced low smoke zero halogen Cat 5e and 6 cables with thermoset insulation and jacketing materials. These products are in addition to the existing line of similar thermoplastic cables we have been supplying to nuclear power plants for many years.

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Thermoset category cables

Learn more about thermoset cables  

Nuclear News Digest

It’s been a busy period for nuclear news, both internationally and domestically. Here is a sampling of articles from various sites, including World Nuclear News, NEI Smart Brief, MIT Technology Review and Energy Central, from the past 30 days.

Watts Bar 2 goes live

Duke’s Lee Plant COL

Seabrook License Renewal

New AP1000’s in China

KHNP and Westinghouse Technical Agreement

SMR’s in the UK


Thanks for reading this newsletter. It has been an exciting time for nuclear power, with activity in the US and around the world. CableLAN Nuclear is the leading supplier of fiber optic and electrical category cables to nuclear plants around the world, and are continuing to expand our product offering.
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