Winter 2016 


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Cleaning FO connectors
Westinghouse News
Breakout Cables – The Nuclear Choice
80 Year Life Extension
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Coming to You – Fiber Optic and Electrical Data Cables Seminar

CableLAN offers a FREE seminar that explains fiber optic and electrical data cables for nuclear plants. The material is usually provided in a lunch and learn format, resulting in no interruption to your regular business  day.


Even if you have attended an earlier Cablelan presentation, there is new material specifically related to nuclear qualification of fiber optic cables. One attendee wrote me after a recent seminar – “You were able to simplify a subject that has been causing us problems for over a year”.


Sessions are currently being booked for 2016. Want to learn more? Email or call us at



About CableLAN Nuclear

CableLAN Nuclear distributes fiber optic and  electrical communication cables to nuclear power plants around the world.


With over 40 years of  nuclear power plant cabling experience, we help you pick the right cable and hardware for your fiber optic or electrical cabling application.

I’m pleased to report that CableLAN Products has formed a new company, CableLAN Nuclear, Inc., and a new website,, to deal exclusively with our nuclear power plant products.
Because the nuclear industry is unique in its requirements, separating Nuclear from our normal distribution business results in better support and quicker response for our nuclear customers.

CableLAN Nuclear is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL. While the company name has changed, our team is unchanged and you will still get support through our toll free number

I am excited about our new company! Our success depends on business from our customers and support of our manufacturers. I am always interested in your comments and suggestions! I can still be reached by
email or by calling our office.

Cleaning fiber connectors

Keeping fiber optic connectors clean could be the most important maintenance or troubleshooting task for your fiber optic network. Using Sticklers cleaning products improves performance and simplifies maintenance. 

Sticklers are available from CableLAN Nuclear.

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Westinghouse News
The past few months have seen quite a number of important events at Westinghouse. Click on the links below to view a few.

Breakout Cables – The Nuclear Choice
Breakout cables are the nuclear industry’s most popular style of fiber optic cables. We’ve updated our breakout cable designs. Please visit our breakout cable webpage to see the new information.

NRC Drafts Guidance for 80 Year Life

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is preparing guidance documents on license renewal applications to extend reactor operating lives beyond 60 years. The regulator has also approved its sixth license renewal for a dry cask storage facility for used fuel.


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That brings another issue to a close. Work on new and existing nuclear power plants continues, and CableLAN Nuclear will keep you up to date with new product information, standards updates and other industry news.

Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.
The CableLAN Nuclear Team